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Coil-Over Package, MM Dampers, 1979-1989 Mustang

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Check out the installation article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

Complete coil-over conversion package for 1979-1989 Mustang. Includes everything needed for converting your Mustang from conventional springs to a coil-over suspension.

Maximum Motorsports Coil-over Package features:

  • Choice of spring rates to best suit your goals.
  • Choice of damper series and valving to match your desired coil-over spring rates.
  • MM strut mounting ears designed for the high loads from good brakes and sticky tires.
  • MM shock has oversized shaft to improve damper function.
  • MM strut is inverted monotube design.
  • MM Caster Camber plates provide adjustment range wide enough to cover both street and track driving.

This coil-over package includes:

  • MM struts and second-generation MM shocks
  • MM front coil-over conversion kit
  • MM rear coil-over conversion kit
  • MM Caster Camber Plates
  • Your choice of a bushing or bearing mount for the lower shock eyelet.
  • Hyperco 2.5" front springs: your choice of spring rate.
  • Hyperco or MM 2.25" rear springs: your choice of spring rate.
  • 1 MM shock-to-axle mounting bracket (MMSM-2)

You may also need:

  • Second shock-to-axle mounting bracket. See the "Options" tab.
  • Racing upper shock mounts. See the "Options" tab.
  • Spanner wrench. See the "Options" tab.

Ordering your desired parts configuration

  • Once you select from each of the 6 areas above, the part number and price will change to reflect the package selected.
  • You must select 1 button in each of the 6 choice areas before clicking the Add To Cart button.

The choices are confusing. How do I order?

  • Click on the "How to Order" tab for a step-by-step guide to selecting the required items from the choices listed above.
  • Click on the "Options" tab for a guide to selecting options that may be required for your installation.


Benefits of a coil-over conversion:

  • Improved performance for street-driven Mustangs without sacrificing ride quality when using moderate spring rates.
  • Greatly improved performance for track-driven Mustangs with higher spring rates.
  • Allows a large increase in the wheel rate, which reduces body roll when cornering, as well as brake dive.
  • Eliminates friction in the control arm pivots, greatly improving both performance and ride quality.
  • Adjust ride height easily.
  • Set corner weights.
  • Springs are available in a very wide range of rates, suitable for everything from street cruising to road racing.
  • Makes it easy to swap out your springs for a different rate later.
  • Everything you need for a coil-over conversion in one money-saving package.
  • No need to piece together a kit from multiple sources.
  • Non-adjustable valving lets you to enjoy driving without being distracted by the need to adjust your dampers.

Second-generation MM Shocks: Better by Design

  • MM designed damping curve of each series' valving (Street-ST1, Sport-SP1, Race-RA2, and Race-RA3) matches with appropriate springs; see the Spring Rate tab.
  • More efficient operation because the over-sized shaft reduces deflection.
  • Mono-tube design provides better heat dissipation than twin-tube dampers, keeping the damper's oil cooler and decreasing heat-induced damper fade.
  • Nitrogen gas pressure prevents oil foaming and fading.
  • Coil-over ready without modification.
  • MM Coil-over Kits use 2-1/4" rear spring for improved tire clearance.
  • Robust "off road"-style shaft seal increases longevity.
  • Option of spherical bearing with zero vertical deflection improves damper function.
  • Integral bumpstop upgrades Fox Mustang bumpstop to improved SN95 style.

MM Struts: Better by Design

  • MM designed damping curve of each series' valving (Street, Sport, Race-MM2, and Race-MM3) matches with appropriate springs; see the Spring Rate tab.
  • Exclusive MM valving is the key to superb performance and good ride quality with aggressive coil-over spring rates.
  • Robust high-grade alloy steel strut mounting ears on the proprietary MM-designed-and-manufactured housings prevent bending as a result of brake-reaction loads.
  • Coil-over ready without modification.
  • The inverted design allows large strut shaft bushings, for greater resistance to deflection from cornering loads.
  • Reduced fading because of high gas pressure and monotube design.

MM Caster Camber Plates: Better by Design

  • Maximum Motorsports invented the double-adjustable caster camber plate for Mustangs in 1993. That innovation pioneered the separate and independent adjustment of caster and camber for Mustangs.
  • Read about the MM Caster Camber Plates included in this package.



  • MM Struts
  • MM Second-Generation Shocks
  • MM Front Coil-over Conversion Kit (MMCO-1)
  • MM Standard Rear Coil-over Kit or Competition Coil-over Kit
  • MM Caster Camber Plates
  • 1 MM Shock-to-Axle mounting bracket (MMSM-2)
  • Front and rear coil-over springs: your choice of spring rate.



  • 1979-1989 Mustang

Struts fit:

  • 1987-1993 Mustang V8 spindles
  • 1984-1986 SVO Mustang spindles
  • All 1994-2004 Mustang spindles
  • 1987-1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe spindles
  • 1979-86 Mustang upgraded to 1987-1993 Mustang V8 or SN95 spindles

Wide front wheels/tires often require 1/4" or thicker wheel spacers to provide clearance to the coil-over spring when used with

  • 1987-1993 Mustang spindles
  • 1984-1986 SVO Mustang spindles

Shocks fit
Shocks installed with a coil-over conversion require an MM Panhard Bar and/or MM Shock-to-Axle Mounting Brackets (MMSM-2), and then will fit:

  • All 1986-2004 Mustang 8.8" solid axles
  • All 1979-2004 7.5" solid axles

Does NOT fit

  • 1979-1993 Mustang 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder spindles
  • 1979-1986 Mustang V-8 spindles
  • IRS-equipped Mustang
  • Thunderbird
  • Lincoln



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